My paintings exist as a visual diary, mapping the journey I have taken from birth into adulthood, drawing from past memories, present experiences and future aspirations. Painting is the language I choose to excavate my past, interrogate my present and explore my future. Eastern spirituality and the dual nature of life is a consistent thread running through my work. In its broadest sense, I am exploring the interrelationship of the feminine and masculine principles within the self and the universe.

In a world out of balance I take refuge in my studio, a place where I can be alone and enter a private space of introspection and meditation. For me, painting is an intuitive process, driven more by feeling than intellect. Through art making, I am free to explore that which I believe is most necessary for my healing and the healing of our planet. My paintings are my medicine, some hang in my studio for many years before being released. By not censoring myself and having the courage to ‘dig deep’, that which lies hidden is revealed to me. By shining a light into the shadows I am able to see more clearly today.

There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.
                                                        - Friedrich Nietzche

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tracy payne
Selected works may be viewed at my studio by appointment.
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