"When we look at the planet today, it is obvious how man's lack of understanding, coupled with his greed and ignorance, has managed to make him not the husbandman of the Earth, as Adam was asked to be, but rather the rapist of the planet itself. The Earth is the Mother, the woman who carries the seed in her womb as it grows back towards the light. We have stolen from the Mother, who uncomplaining, has borne the pillage of the past and is only now showing us the results of our own stupidity. Now man must understand woman, and the creative female energy, so that he may learn to catalyze the Earth's energy with cosmic force to give birth to a golden age - the second cycle of humankind.
I am convinced that humankind now has to put itself wholeheartedly on the path of service. With this must come the understanding of female energy. To try to enter the path of service without the balance of masculine and feminine energies, yin and yang, in harmony will lead to disharmony in the end, even if on the surface the disharmony may not be immediately obvious, So far, the Western world has been dominated by the male force. The West is now turning towards the female force as the East picks up the role of male force in the world. This works in the same way as the hemispheres of the brain, which take turns being dominant in our lives. We must be careful not to turn the women’s role into that which was formerly filled by the man. What is needed now is a change of attitude toward female energy, not a reversal of roles.
Yet I am not referring here to the outer form of the balance of man and woman, but to the underlying energies that exist equally in both man and woman, Heaven and Earth. Whatever is seen in the outer world is as a result of that which on the inner planes of endless, interpenetrating, vibrating worlds of light. Too long have we in the West looked only to the dominant male force. This has created great technological advances, while being blind and destructive to the needs of the female, the Earth itself, this beautiful planet we call home.
Perhaps we have lost the capacity to listen and be receptive. We now must learn to balance our actions with passion. We must now learn, if we are to survive at all, to listen to the needs of the Earth, in the understanding that if we do listen, the answer can be given as to what should be done. From the true alchemical marriage, which has never yet been consummated, will come the second birth, the golden age, or second cycle of mankind. And humankind itself is the catalyst that will bring about the necessary transformation.”

By Reshad Field "Steps to Freedom"

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