Solar Bi-Pod I
Solar Bi-Pod I (2020)

Curriculum Vitae


Tracy Payne was born in 1965 in Cape Town, South Africa. She graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, with a BA Fine Art in 1987.


After graduating I spent a couple of years working and travelling abroad in Europe and England. On my return to South Africa I chose to be self-employed and freelance in various creative fields. I created my own fashion label, worked as an illustrator, set designer and scenic artist, undertook both private and corporate painting commissions. In my early career I was also involved in teaching art part-time. Over the years I have chosen to focus more and more on my fine art career. I am presently working as a full-time fine artist from my studio at 196Victoria in Woodstock, Cape Town


FUMBLING TOWARDS ECSTASY, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, 2013
MUSE, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, 2011
AWAKEN, Kizo Gallery, Durban, 2008
SACRED YANG, Michael Stevenson, Cape Town, 2007
SACRED YIN, Michael Stevenson, Cape Town, 2005
POST TOKYO, Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town, 2004
FLASHBACK, Joao Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town, 2001
HUSH HUSH....a love story, 73 Rose Str. Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, 1998

REGROUP, Gallery 196Victoria, Woodstock, Cape Town, 2018
COLOURS, Imibala Gallery, Somerset West, Cape Town, 2017
BERTH, 196 Victoria Gallery, Cape Town, 2016
BREATH, WATER, SOUND, Ongaro, Cape Town, 2016
LINEAGE, Ongaro, Cape Town, 2016
OF MONUMENTS AND MEN, Imibala Gallery, Somerset West, 2016
A CERTAIN KIND OF MADNESS, Imibala Gallery, Somerset West, 2016
DRAWING THE LINE, Art.b Gallery, Cape Town, 2015
SEEKING EDEN, Casa Labia Gallery, Cape Town, 2014
DINNER COLLECTION,Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, 2014
WHAT LIES BENEATH, Equus Gallery, Cavalli Estate, 2014
NAAK, Art.b Gallery, Cape Town, 2014
DINNER COLLECTION, Barnard Gallery, Newlands, CT, 2013
CHANGING FACES: Profiling Portraits in South African Art, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, 2013
DINNER COLLECTION, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, 2012
SUMMER SHOW, Casa Labia, Cape Town, 2012
CACOPHONY COLLECTION, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, 2012
TERPENTYN, Artscape, Cape Town, 2011
CASA LABIA IN BLOOM, Natale Labia Museum, Cape Town, Nov 2010 - Jan 2011
THE GIFT OF ART, iArt, Cape Town, 2010
PRINT: An exhibition of etchings', These Four Walls, CT, 2010
HEEMS, Kruisrivier farm, Klein Karoo, 2010
SUMMER 2009/10: PROJECTS, Michael Stevenson, Cape Town, 2009
LET THEM EAT CAKE, Die Dorpstraat Galery, Stellenbosch, 2009
HARBOUR: The Expression of Containment in Contemporary South African Art', KZNSA Gallery, Durban, 2009
'SELF/NOT-SELF, Brodie/Stevenson, Johannesburg, 2009
'SUMMER 2007/8', Michael Stevenson, CT, 2007
SOUTH AFRICAN ART NOW, Michael Stevenson, CT, 2006
SECOND TO NONE- South African Icons", Iziko South African National Gallery, 2006
NEW PAINTING, KZNSA Gallery, Durban, UNISA Art Gallery, Pretoria, Johannesburg Art Gallery, 2006
SOUTH AFRICAN ART 1848 - NOW, Michael Stevenson, CT, 2005
SOUTH AFRICAN ART 1840 - NOW, Michael Stevenson, CT, 2005
SOUTH AFRICAN ART 1850 - NOW, Michael Stevenson, CT, 2004
POYNTEN, VICTOR AND PAYNE, Michael Stevenson, CT, 2004
WINTER WARMERS, Joao Ferreira Gallery, CT, 2003
YDESIRE, Castle of Good Hope, CT, 2003
EMERGENCY, Bell-Roberts Gallery, CT, 2000
ANGELS BLUE, Bang! The Gallery, CT, 1999
DEPOSITS, Idasa Gallery, CT, 1998
BLOOM,, Area Gallery, CT, 1998
SCRAWL, Mau Mau Gallery, CT, 1998
UNPLUGGED 3', Rembrandt Van Rijn Gallery, Johannesburg, 1998
URBAN OBJECTS OF DESIRE, Mau Mau Gallery, CT, 1998
ART GREETINGS, Hanel Gallery, CT, 1997
COGNISANCE:INGQWALSELA:HERKENNING, South African Association of Arts, CT, 1996
GAY RIGHTS REWRITES, Malcolm Melkhuis, CT, 1995
PHOTOWORKS, South African Association of Arts, CT, 1994
WOMEN ON MEN MEN ON WOMEN, Seeff Trust Gallery, CT, 1994
VOLKSKAS ATELIER, Everaard Reed Gallery, Johannesburg, 1994
WOMEN ON WOMEN, Seeff Trust Gallery, CT, 1993
VOLKSKAS ATELIER, Association of Arts, Pretoria, 1993
SAFESEX, The Artsstrip, Association of Arts, CT, 1993
ARTSTRIP, opening exhibition at The Association of Arts, CT, 1992
FLASH OF THE SPIRIT, Baxter Gallery, Cape Town, 1992
INTRODUCING: Brice, Smith and Payne', Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town, 1992
VILKSKAS ATELIER, Association of Arts, South Africa, 1992
DRAWINGS, Baxter Gallery, Cape Town, 1991
VOLKSKAS ATELIER, Association of Arts, South Africa, 1991
The Art Market Gallery, Cape Town, 1990
Cornucopia Gallery, Cape Town, 1989
Hipnosis Gallery, Johannesburg, 1988


Luciano Benetton
Spier Wine Estate
Swiss Re Life and Health
South African Fruit Exporters
South African Department of Public Works


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Art Fairs'
'Johannesburg Art Fair'  Booth: Barnard gallery, Johannesburg, 2014
'Johannesburg Art Fair', Booth: Barnard Gallery, Johannesburg, 2013
'Johannesburg Art Fair', Booth: Barnard Gallery, Johannesburg, 2012
'Johannesburg Art Fair', Booth: Michael Stevenson, Johannesburg, 2008

Awards and Scholarships
Mondi Paper Magazine Award, 1995
Mac Iver Scholarship, 1986
Mac Iver Scholarship, 1985

"In Search of Sakura", directed by Takako Mori, 2002
A short documentary of my search for the wild cherry blossom, which lead me to the Matsumoto Mnts,foothills of the Japanese Alps.

"Aerosoul", by Jean Meeren, 2001
Didi, a creative alter ego I adopted in 1997 features in this documentary on the graffiti subculture of CapeTown, set between 1997 and 2000.

"Hush, a Portrait of Tracy Payne", by Renee Scheltema, 2000
A 52 min. documentary spanning four years, from 1996 -2000
Shown in the official program of ‘The International Festival of Woman’s Films’, Creteil, France.
Selected to run in 2001, Art Film Festival, Asolo, Italy